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Newborn Baby with Mom

Doula Services

YAY!! Great News! You’re pregnant!!


Expanding your family and welcoming your baby is such a joyful celebration! However, it can be a tad scary; there are unknowns and often

un-expectancies. You will probably have lots of questions during your pregnancy. Birthways Doula Care is here to walk with you throughout your journey. We are here to answer questions; listen to your concerns and help you develop the best plan as you welcome your baby home.


As a labor doula, we will be at your side during your labor; however, we will never overstep our boundaries and take the place of your support person. We will help to make your birthing space feel very calm and positive. We will recognize the signs as labor progresses and may suggest position changes and/or movements. We are here to help keep your birth plan on track and help you to feel empowered. You (and your birthing partner) will feel confident, heard and respected during your birth process.


We’d love to photograph your newest moments, if you desire. We will stay with you until baby has his/her first feeding, or approximately 2 hours after birth. After you bring baby home, we will schedule a postpartum visit to help with family transitions, feedings and overall mommy & baby care.


Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star ~ How I wonder who you are

  • 3 hours: In-home prenatal support before baby’s birth-day.

  • Assist/offer tips for packing your hospital bag

  • Light home tidying/cleaning

  • Washing baby clothing

  • Setting up/Organizing baby’s nursery

  • Prepare or help you prepare frozen meals to enjoy once baby arrives (ingredients provided by you)

Rock-A-Bye Baby

  • 6 hour: In-home postpartum/emotional support (6 hours divided how you wish)

  • Support with infant feeding; breast or bottle

  • Rest!!... I will care for & snuggle baby.

  • Assist with “settling in” and organizing nursery

  • Prepare or help you prepare meals (ingredients provided by you)

Birth Bundle

  • 2-hour Prenatal Visit: We will meet with you to discuss your birth plan. We want to know how you envision meeting your baby for the very first time.

  • We will be available for phone calls, or texts (whatever you prefer) from 7:00am-9:00pm Monday-Saturday, the weeks prior to meeting your baby up until 36 weeks. (However, if we are aware of possible pre-term labor, 24/7 support can be arranged)

  • From 36 weeks on, we will be available for 24/7 phone, text and email support. We will expect a phone call when you

       experience early signs of labor.

  • 12 hours of in-person labor support.

  • 2 hour postpartum “settling in” Visit within 10 days of bringing baby home. This visit is to help transition your family and “Settling in” to your new normal. We also help with feedings, bottle or breast. We assist with general mommy and baby care.


  *Additional support available upon request.

Royalty Bundle~You are my Sunshine

  • Includes ALL Baby Bundles:

    • Birth Bundle

    • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

    • Rock-A-Bye Baby

   *Purchase Royalty Bundle & Receive a Mommy & Me care package!!

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